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Guaranteed Satisfaction Policy


No one can guaranty results, and the GUARANTEED SATISFACTION POLICY is not a promise of a cure, but we are so confident in our services that we promise that your care at the Ridge Wellness Center will meet or exceed your reasonable expectations, or your money back.

If, after eight weeks, you are dissatisfied with your care, we will gladly refund all money personally paid during the treatment of your health complaint. This includes all co-pay, co-insurance, and deductible payments. This does not include insurance payments or payments for durable (braces, supports, pillows, etc.) or non-durable goods (supplements, salves, lotions, etc.)


To be eligible for a " Guaranteed Satisfaction " refund, you simply agree to, and comply with the treatment recommendations given you for the care of your condition. See the complete policy for description of compliance qualifications.

If you choose to participate, you will be asked to read the "Guaranteed Satisfaction " policy, and indicate your understanding of the policy and patient's responsibilities by signing a signature page. This page must be returned to our office within your first week of care for you to qualify for the program.

Patients' Responsibilities

Ask Questions:

Ask questions until you have a complete understanding of your condition and the factors which may have contributed to your condition. You should have and understanding of the prescribed treatment plan and goals of care.

Voice Concerns:

If at any point during care you have concerns or do not feel comfortable with the way your condition is progressing, with your treatment, or office policy, immediately tell the doctor. Any conflict will have a negative impact on your progress. It is best to clear these conflicts as quickly as possible.

Have Realistic Expectations:

Understand that some conditions will not respond to conservative or alternative care. Discuss your expectations with your doctor. Our policy is to guide you in the right direction and to the practitioner who is best qualified to help you recover.

Comply with your treatment plan:

Manual therapies require consistent application. Missing treatments will negatively effect your chances of achieving your treatment goals. If you must miss an appointment, reschedule the visit as soon as possible.

Comply with prescribed home therapy:

Home therapy is prescribed to enhance and maintain the gains made by your in-office treatments. Home therapy will consist of flexibility and/or strength exercises necessary for success of your treatment.